December 29, 2021

Going Beyond Diversity in Recruitment, with Keith Wyche

Episode 110:

Going Beyond Diversity in Recruitment

What You Will Learn:

  • Why black professionals have lost faith in DEI efforts
  • What is the most consistent frustration among black professionals throughout corporate America
  • Why we should first focus on leading with inclusion rather than diversity
  • What is the problem with only focusing on diversity in recruiting
  • Why it’s important to first understand how we got here to truly create a culture of inclusion
  • How does the mindset of black millennials differ from other generations
  • How to help leaders of organizations to understand what they can do to drive DEI work
  • What should the goal and focus be for new DEI practitioners


About Keith Wyche

Keith Wyche is a recognized thought leader in the areas of Change Management, Executive Development, Leadership, Business, Career Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Transformation, and Innovation who excels at talent development and has a consistent record of growing revenue and expanding margins across a broad range of industries, including technology, manufacturing, outsourced services, and grocery retail.

A frequent public speaker and author of Good Is Not Enough: And Other Unwritten Rules for Minority Professionals (nominated for an NAACP Award as an Outstanding Literary Work,) and Corner Office Rules: The 10 Realities of Executive Life, Wyches work and insights have been featured in TIME Magazine, USA Today, The New York Post, The Miami Herald, and Black Enterprise Magazine. He has appeared as a guest on NPR, Fox Business, NBC’s The Today Show, Business News Network (BNN), and more.

Wyche was named to the Martin Luther King Jr. Board of Renaissance Leaders by Morehouse College for his dedication and commitment to the mentoring and talent development of young talent. Wyche holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administrations from Cleveland State University and an MBA from Baldwin-Wallace University.

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