October 2, 2019

Making the Workplace Safe After Trauma, with Phyllis Braxton

Episode 24:

Phyllis Braxton-Frierson is the CEO and Founder of PINK Consulting, LLC and The PINK Brand. She has been in the DEI field for nearly 20 years. Phyllis is a native of Moss Point, Mississippi and has resided in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the last 24 years. She is the daughter of Viola, mother to Ivy Zaire and wife to Marcus Frierson III.

PINK Consulting provides trauma-informed counseling, intercultural assessment, training and development, personal and professional coaching, keynote and motivational speaking to individuals and organizations nationwide.

Prior to starting PINK Consulting LLC 13 years ago, Phyllis worked for several organizations and educational institutions. She was an adjunct professor teaching graduate-level courses in diversity; received her master’s degree at the University of Minnesota, and earned her bachelor’s degree from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Ga. Phyllis served as Co-Director and team leader for Minnesota S.E.E.D. (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity).

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The hard work that went into getting to where Phyllis is today
  • Why dealing with trauma is so foundational to functioning in work and life
  • The different kinds of trauma and the nuances that separate them
  • The biological mechanisms associated with trauma and how it looks in the workplace
  • Why companies often recruit for diversity but are really onboarding for assimilation
  • Making the workplace emotionally safe for victims of vicarious trauma
  • Historical trauma and how it passes through our tissues and DNA

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