May 20, 2020

Transitions In the Time of COVID, with Sara Taylor

Episode 46:

Sara Taylor earned a master’s degree in Diversity and Organizational Development from the University of Minnesota. She served as a leadership and diversity specialist at the University of Minnesota for five years and as director of diversity and inclusion for Ramsey County, Minnesota for three years.

Sara is the founder and president of deepSEE Consulting and has worked with companies as large as Coca-Cola, General Mills, 3M Company, AARP, and numerous others. She has a new book, “Filter Shift: How Effective People See the World,” that explores how our unconscious is actually making choices and decisions for us, all without our knowing — and how to change that.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why the COVID-19 pandemic has created powerful change in all of our lives, including health challenges and work changes
  • How the team at deepSEE is using William Bridges’ Transition Model, both for themselves and with their clients, to help adjust to these major changes
  • Why change is far more than transactional, with psychological reorientation happening behind the scenes
  • How the Bridges’ Transition Model works with three stages of change: the “ending” or “letting go”, the “neutral zone”, and the “new beginning”, and why the middle stage is the most complex and difficult to navigate
  • Why COVID-19 has put us all in the low-productivity and chaotic neutral zone, and how knowing we are all at this stage can help better understand ourselves and our peers
  • How to validate your feelings and narrow your focus to better deal with being stuck in the neutral zone

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