May 22, 2019

Dispelling False Perceptions about Diversity Training, with Sara Taylor

Episode 12:

Sara Taylor is the president and founder of deepSEE Consulting. She is a nationally-recognized speaker and consultant specializing in the areas of leadership, diversity, and organizational effectiveness. With over 25-years of experience, Sara balances her real-life anecdotes with research-based theories to deliver for her reader what she delivers for her clients.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why a single study claiming that diversity training doesn’t work is not representative of reality
  • Why people wouldn’t pay much heed to a headline claiming “math education doesn’t work”, and why the same should be true for diversity training
  • Sara reads a news article, but she swaps the words “diversity training” for “math education” to prove how biased the article is
  • Why a one-off training seminar on diversity doesn’t bring many benefits, and why the true solution is a long-term systemic approach
  • Why organizations need to invest the time and resources into diversity and inclusion training that works, now more than ever
  • Why perpetuating negative stereotypes about diversity training in a time when it is most needed is irresponsible

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