March 25, 2020

Diversity in the Technology Industry, with Stephen Ruiz

Episode 38:

A seasoned digital professional with over 15 years of experience, Stephen Ruiz has worked directly with high-profile brands including Google, Bank of America, Mattel, Disney, and Toyota to name a few. He is an expert at the conceptualization and execution of multi-channel digital marketing campaigns, complex data-driven websites, the development of intricate digital ecosystems for consumer and B2B markets, SaaS software and the use of analytics tools to optimize digital properties to increase the ROI for clients based on tactical strategy and deep research of the end-users.

Stephen has a firm commitment to championing diversity within the technology sector. As host of the UX of Diversity Podcast, and founder of the Silicon Valley Diversity Meetup, he is striving to create a more level playing field in the tech industry for women and minorities.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why the tech industry has historically struggled with becoming more diverse, and why there is an urgent need for improvement
  • What kinds of racial and ethnic microaggressions Stephen has experienced throughout his own career
  • Why many different communities would greatly benefit in many ways from a more diverse and inclusive technology industry
  • How more than $1 billion has been spent by major players in the tech field since 2014 without showing notable results
  • Why an improvement in the level of cultural competence in tech is the first step to improving the situation
  • Why a more diverse tech environment would benefit the bottom line of organizations within the industry
  • Why designing technology for a more diverse consumer base can also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the tech
  • Stephen offers examples of how software and tech devices can be designed for a broader and more diverse consumer group
  • What steps organizations can take to improve their cultural awareness and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace

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