September 18, 2019

A Forum for Diversity and Justice in Organizations, with Steven Humerickhouse

Episode 22:

“As a white male, I lived privilege without noticing it — I never had to. But adopting my daughter and traveling to her home country to do so opened my eyes to the reality of the world and began my diversity journey. That was 30 some years ago. By strange turns of fate, I now run one of the largest diversity, equity, and inclusion conferences in the world. My journey of self-discovery became my occupation, but discovery of my privilege has never stopped.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The impact that adopting his daughter from Honduras had on Steven’s worldview
  • Steven’s perspectives on privilege and how his experiences inform them
  • The development and mission of the Forum on Workplace Inclusion
  • The process by which the Forum curates content for its conference
  • What corporations need to be doing to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Why multinational companies need to be acknowledging all of their cultures – not just the American one
  • How organizations can help employees cope with the tragedies facing the world nearly every week
  • What we need to be doing to bend the arc of the moral universe toward real justice

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