August 31, 2022

What Florida’s Stop WOKE Act Means for Organizations, with Sara Taylor

Episode 121:

What Florida’s Stop WOKE Act Means for Organizations

What You Will Learn:

  • What is Florida’s Stop WOKE Act
  • How this will affect educational and workplace organizations in the future
  • What motivated this type of legislation to be created
  • What the bill is trying to achieve vs. what it will actually achieve
  • How some of the bill’s overarching concepts are okay but fall flat in reality
  • How this bill promotes continued polarization and minimization (stages 1 and 2 of cultural competence)
  • Why the most important place to address cultural differences is still in schools and workplaces

stop woke act

About Sara Taylor

Sara Taylor earned a master’s degree in Diversity and Organizational Development from the University of Minnesota. She served as a leadership and diversity specialist at the University of Minnesota for five years and as director of diversity and inclusion for Ramsey County, Minnesota, for three years.

Sara is the founder and president of deepSEE Consulting and has worked with companies as large as Coca-Cola, General Mills, 3M Company, AARP, and numerous others. She has a new book, “Filter Shift: How Effective People See the World,” which explores how our unconscious is actually making choices and decisions for us, all without our knowing — and how to change that.

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